WooCommerce Allowing Customers to make Changes to Placed Orders

Are your website visits getting lower day by day? The reason could be that the customers find your website as a menace. Nobody wants to waste their time on things which can be done easily.

The convenience of the customer has to be the top priority for an online store to flourish. WooCommerce comes with multiple options to make your website the best one out there.

Suppose a buyer wants to edit an order after it has been checkout but the order had four items and the buyer wants to cancel only the third one and if you would cancel the whole order there would be chances of misunderstanding and delay of the order.

This issue can be tackled by the simple addition of code to the functions.php section of your active child theme.

You will just have to paste the code below in functions.php. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Editor > Theme Functions and add the following code to the end of the existing code and click Update File


add_filter( 'wc_order_is_editable', 'wc_make_processing_orders_editable', 10, 2 );
function wc_make_processing_orders_editable( $is_editable, $order ) {
    if ( $order->get_status() == 'processing' ) {
        $is_editable = true;
    return $is_editable;



Before Code:

After Code:

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