How to set product discount/prices on the basis of user roles in Woocommerce?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to set product discounts on the basis of users.

Woocomemrce role pricing is a plugin that will help you achieve this. It offers discounted prices to subscribers, editors and other roles in woocommerce.

According to the role that the visitor has, he will see a store with discounted prices or not, so you can set direct discounts to subscribers, editors.

  • You can set discounts by rates or amount method.
  • Applied to regular price or sale price.
  • Different discount according to user’s role.

You can dwnload the plugin here:


After downloading the plugin, go to admin panel of your site and click on add new link under plugins.


Now click on the upload plugin button.

After that on upcoming screen browse and upload the plugin and hit install button.


On installation completion, activate the plugin.


After activation, you can see a new option link i.e. “Role Pricing Light” under woocomemrce menu item.

Here you can see option for discount method and different user roles.

You can set different discount for different user roles.


I’ve set 10% discount for all users i.e. 0.1.

Now if we go to shop page as a logged user and non-logged in user we’ll see difference in product pricing.

Here is shop page for administrator:


And this will be the shop page for non-logged in user.


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