Convert Figma to Elementor

After creating the design prototypes with tools like Figma, the next step for a web designer is to transform those ‘blueprints’ into a functional website. But a question many designers ask is, “How can I turn my Figma designs into Elementor?”  We’ll answer that shortly.

Now, We can compare Figma designs to a blueprint of a house.  We know the architect designs the plan, and then hands it over to the contractor, who then builds the house. In this case, your Figma designs serve as the blueprints. Once completed, you’ll want to translate them into pixel-quality websites.

Website will be responsive and fast loading and It is easy to manage.

Why to Use Elementor?

Although there are ways to convert your Figma designs into WordPress, here is why you might want to convert to Elementor.

  • Building with Elementor is fast.
  • Elementor is easy to use as you can customize everything.
  • Elementor pro isn’t costly – plus there is a 100% free version.

There are other recommended options you can explore to convert your design prototypes into WordPress website – but they are more suited for the pro developers.

1.      Convert your files to HTML code, and then translate to WordPress. 

This is a two-step process. You first convert your designs into HTML. If you are proficient in web development, you could use a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation. Don’t use plugins – the quality of code will be low-quality compared to building from scratch. Step two is to use custom page templates to create a custom theme. Technically, you need advanced knowledge in web development to pull this off.

2.      Use a pre-made custom theme.

You can look for a premade theme, like WP Page Builder or Astra, and then optimize it by editing the HTML codes. Although this method is straightforward and easier to learn than the one above, you would still need to dedicate your time and effort.

The challenge with the two methods above is that you need coding skills. You need technical know-how of Javascript, HTML, MySQL, CSS, and WordPress development.  Being proficient in the various coding techniques is a steep learning curve, not to mention the time and budget factor.

How it Works

Step 1: Share your Figma files or URL

Let us know what you have in mind by sending us your Figma designs or URL.

Step 2: Get a free quote

Our team will check your requirements along with shared designs and get back to you with an estimate of the budget and timeline.  It should take up to 1 business days.

Step 3: Sign contract

Once you agree to our quote, we’ll move forward with signing a contract. The project officially kick-starts once you sign the contract.

Step 4: We deliver fully converted WordPress Elementor sites.

Ask For a Free Quote

Whether you’re a web designer, a digital agency owner, or a business owner – we can help you find a developer versed in Web Development to match your Figma designs turn into pleasant-looking websites.

Once you outsource to us, you can have peace of mind knowing your projects are under good care. Our team of veteran developers has the technical knowledge in WordPress development. Plus when you commit your project to trained professionals, you can be sure to get fast loading, responsive websites, delivered on time.