How to create Auto Login Links in WordPress (No Credentials Needed)

Stuck in a situation where you can’t share login credentials but need someone to access your website? A temporary login bypass URL can do this job for you. Creating such a link was not an easy process, though by the use of a plugin called Auto Login-Links it’s just a matter of few clicks.

The plugin allows administrators to generate auto-login links for their WordPress website, Administrators can edit (generate and delete) autologin links for users, users can only view the auto-login links.

You can create login links for multiple users to give them access as per your choice. You may give them administrative status, editor status or any other available on your website.

Follow the steps below to install and use the plugin,

Downloading and Configuring:

Download the plugin from the following link,

After downloading, you need to upload the plugin file to the Add plugins section:

Go to Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin.

Browse and upload the file. After the file has been uploaded, simply click Install Now. Then activate it

Generating a link:

Go to Users, if you want to make a new user click Add New or just click Edit below the name of the existing users. Scroll down and find Auto-Login.

Under Auto-login click new to generate a link

Once the link is generated click Update User and send the link to the person you want to allow them to log in automatically.


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