10 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Wordpress Gallery Plugins

The following are the ten best photo gallery plugins for responsive design that can improve your WordPress experience and make your life a whole lot easier.

1- Photo Gallery:  200,000+ Downloads


If you want to create a hundred percent responsive WordPress picture gallery for free then the Photo Gallery plugin can be of great help to you. This advanced plugin has various views and is very easy to customize. With the help of it, you can create a picture gallery in a matter of minutes.

It also provides a lot of options to add images as well as albums and galleries to your posts along with multiple widgets and tools to edit these images for various views. However, you need to upgrade to Pro version for other features like Instagram integration, editable themes and the ability to add both images and videos to a single gallery.

Download Photo Gallery from WordPress.org

2- NextGEN Gallery:   1+ million Downloads


With more than One million downloads, NextGEN is without a doubt a really popular gallery WordPress Plugin. With this plugin you get a really powerful engine for the purpose of uploading the images and managing them.

It also provides the users with the options of batch uploads, editing thumbnails, adding, deleting, rearranging and sorting the images as well as importing the meta data and grouping the galleries into various albums. But you have to purchase the pro upgrade if you want to make use of six different gallery displays as well as a mobile friendly full screen Lightbox that has the option of commenting and social media sharing.

Download NextGEN from WordPress.org

3- Gallery by BestWebSoft:  100,000+ Downloads

With the help of this plugin, you can implement as much galleries as you like in your website. Gallery by BestWebSoft makes it possible for you to add multiple photos and description in each gallery. It also gives you the option of showing all the images on one page or viewing each of them individually. You can also upload HQ photos with the help of this plugin.

Additionally, this plugin also offers regular updates along with a simple usage and effective functionality. However, for additional features like backing up your files and database before an update, you need to purchase the premium version.

Download Gallery by BestWebSoft from WordPress.org

4- WP Photo Album Plus: 50,000+ Downloads

The WP Photo Album Plus has been designed to provide ease in the display and management of the slideshows and photo albums in your website. With the help of this plugin, you can make a lot of albums containing both pictures and sub albums simultaneously.

This plugin also gives you the option of mixing videos and photos. It also doesn’t have any limitations when it comes to the amount of photos and albums that you can upload or any restriction about the nesting depths of the sub-albums. WP Photo Album Plus gives you complete control on the size at which your photos will be displayed and the ordering of the albums.

Download WP Photo Album Plus from WordPress.org

5- Huge-IT Image Gallery:  40,000+ Downloads

This is a great plugin to make your website original as it has been specially designed to allow the users to create a picture gallery and then be able to demonstrate them in various ways. You can add titles as well as descriptions for each video and image plus you get to choose seven different and exclusive views for your content.

In order to get unique customization options for every single one of these seven views you are required to get the licensed version as the free version has the same options for each view.

Download Huge-IT Image Gallery from WordPress.org

6- Gallery Bank:   30,000+ Downloads

This plugin has been designed to provide beautiful and elegant picture albums with five different layouts as well as animation and special effects. It is the only WordPress plugin that has more than two hundred features for creating a picture gallery. It also gets regular updates and is very easy to use.

However, with the free version you can only create three albums and for unlimited album creation along with other features like technical support, widgets, social sharing, ability to comment on images as well as bulk deletion, restoring factory settings and organization of albums and images, you have to upgrade to the premium version.

Download Gallery Bank from WordPress.org

7- Gmedia Gallery:   20,000+ Downloads

Gmedia Gallery is a great plugin to manage your files and to create photo galleries and slideshows. With the help of this plugin, you can also play different music on your website. Gmedia Gallery allows you to create a lot of photo galleries and lets you upload an infinite amount of photos and audios.

It can handle all the file formats and you can add all the photos you want just by a single click and create various galleries with different tags and captions. In addition to unlimited galleries, this plugin also offers unlimited customization and that too without slowing down your website.

Download Gmedia Gallery from WordPress.org

8- Photospace:   8,000+ Downloads

What makes Photospace different from other plugins is that it can automatically apply to the short code of the default gallery. It also allows multiple images to be uploaded at once and you can easily categorize and sort the images by dragging and dropping them. You can also add captions, descriptions and titles to the images.

Photospace plugin also allows you to modify the size, shape and number of the thumbnails. You can also change the breadth of columns of the gallery as well as the main image size. However, it doesn’t have a Lightbox function and you cannot use an external Lightbox plugin on the gallery.

Download Photospace from WordPress.org

9- Unite Gallery Lite:   5,000+ Downloads

Unite Galley Lite plugin is a fast and powerful video and image gallery for WP. It is based on the java script version of unite gallery and is very easy to use. There are nine types of gallery options available and each of these options comes with an ability to add descriptions.

It also has other great features like zooming, touch assistance and responsiveness. However, you can only add a maximum of 20 photos in a gallery and if you want to add more then you have to buy the premium version.

Download Unite Gallery Lite from WordPress.org

10- Simplest Gallery Plugin:  4000+ downloads

As the name suggests, this plugin provides a simple way of adding picture galleries into your website. It makes use of the built-in features of WordPress that allows users to add and organize their photos to their website and also lets them add visual effects.

If you are unable to use the gallery feature properly with your theme then this plugin can be of great help to you. All you have to do is install this plugin and you can easily use your WordPress gallery features. However, there aren’t any gallery designs available and the features of this plugin are quite limited.

Download Simplest Gallery Plugin from WordPress.org

11- Gallery – Responsive Image Gallery, Gallery Album: 900+ downloads

WpDevArt Responsive Image Gallery is an nice and user friendly plugin that will let you to create and configure galleries in a few minutes.  You just need to install and configure some settings, then upload as many images as you need.

There are 9 beautiful views that you can use for galleries and albums. The plugin is fully responsive, so should not worry if you have a lot of users that view your website using mobile devises. The other nice features is unlimited number of galleries, albums and images. Also, there are 27  Canvas animation effects for Gallery lightbox.

Download Image Gallery Plugin from WordPress.org


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