How to Customize Comment Form in WordPress?

All of us know well about popularity and usefulness of WordPress that is a perfectly customizable blog or website option. Here you can customize basic interface, plugin and other custom codes. Definitely, Comment System is an extremely essential niche of WordPress web designing or customizing blogs on this platform. No doubt better design or customized look might attract more organic traffic to well designed website or blog.

If you are looking for modifying or setting up Comment form, then surely you have to concern over several high valued instructions. Basically there are many different options that might assist programmer to edit, modify or upgrade comment form system. These options have been enlisted below for your convenience.

  1. Basic method by utilization of Custom Code Strategy
  2. Appropriate and Valid Use of Recommended Plugins
  3. Comment System Authorized by Any Third Party

1-Using Custom Coding to Customize Comment System:

If you are completely equipped with PHP and WordPress know how, then you can easily edit as well as customize comment system through relevant Custom Coding Method. Usually users can modify or totally change layout of Comment Box to desired outline. For this they have to follow given steps which are;

  • Click to theme folder (\wp-content\themes\Your Theme folder name\) and later open the, “Comments.PHP” by using any preferred or recommended code editor.WP Comment Editor
  • After completing operation in comments.php, every user has to change his/her heading tags, (CSS) classes and other general things etc. Sometimes users want adding more fields or tags in existing Comment System, then they must be expert in PHP and WordPress Customization. If you are not well in PHP, then simply you can use any alternative plugin for adding required custom fields or tags into Comment Form System.
  • Look of theme style.css or custom.css can be modified by adding CSS related stuff that must be programmed well and in valid codes.

2-Using Recommended Plugins:

This would be the best method to bring desired changes and modifications in comments form. In fact this is more useful for new users or beginners who have recently joined WordPress websites for business. There are several trusted and valid plugins which might be used for following objectives regarding how to customize WordPress Comment System.

  • Setting up Comment Form Layout
  • Adding more Tags and Custom Fields
  • Supporting to different recommended layouts etc.

Popular Plugins to be Used:

Here some very best plugins have been explained that can completely help new users and beginners to add more custom fields into existing comment form.

1-WP-Ajaxify-Comments – Download Plugin:

Plugin WP-Ajaxify-Comments clasps  the comment form or system and it puts in AJAX latest functionality. Users have no need to reload the page that is sometimes required during validating, relocation or modifying the comments.


WP Ajaxify Plugin

2-GASP–Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin Download Plugin:

In fact, this plugin is popular for adding a checkbox to a client side, while it also asks users or visitors to confirm that they are not spammer in actual. It is completely trouble free to click over a given box instead of entering a complex captcha, because this box is mostly generated to a client side by JavaScript which the bots can never see or catch. This box has ability to stop about 99% automated spam bots.


Growmap Anti-Spam Plugin

3-CommentLuv Download Plugin:

Surely you can recompense the readers or visitors through automatically posting any link to the latest blog post at the bottom of their posted comment. Here you should encourage, and appreciate a community and then go to discover new blog posts having links.

WP Comment Luv Plugin

3-Alternative Method of Using Third Party Comments System:

Basically PHP experts and professional programmers have concluded that WordPress default comment system has not a perfect as well as the powerful features that may facilitate users easily. So, there are some additional options for users to replace WordPress own comment system with other valid, comprehensive and upgraded Comment Systems that are recommended. These are as under;

Disqus Commenting system – Download Plugin:

This comment system completely helps users to replace the existing or default WordPress comment system with other comments hosted and powered by Disqus Comment System.

Disqus for WordPress:

    • It perfectly uses the Disqus API format
    • The comments index-able by various recommended search engines (SEO-friendly)
    • This comment system also supports users to import existing or published comments left by visitors
    • Auto-backup (sync) of posted comments with Disqus and WordPress default database

Disqus Features:

1-It carries attributed to thread the comments and then reply

2-Users can also use recommended notifications and reply system by email options

3-You will get additional Subscribe and RSS options in free

4-It offers aggregated comments and social posts

5-Users will be able to use the most powerful moderation and extraordinary admin tools

6-It must help users in full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists

7-This comment system also supports for Disqus community widgets at WordPress

8-It is connected with a large discussion community round the world

9-It also increases exposure and readership

WP Disqus Plugin

1-Facebook Comment System for WordPress: Source

Facebook plugins are also very famous and useful for WordPress websites. In fact these plugins support Facebook Comments Box via social plugin only that is hosted on Facebook servers directly. Comments Box social plugin might replace or remove the ability to submit new comments  on WordPress through default WordPress comment system. Now new comment authors or users will identify themselves via Facebook account or other alternatives like Microsoft, AOL or Yahoo accounts. These comments are usually preserved on Facebook servers and displayed through JavaScript social context.

WP FB Comments Plugin

Simply there are many other useful plugins which are greatly famous among PHP experts and professional programmers. These plugins help users to display or publish Facebook comments on basic WordPress site or blog which might help users to find the best WordPress plugin page (Facebook Plugins).

2-Twitter Comment for WordPress:

Secondly, you can also use Twitter as WordPress comments. But for this purpose, every user has to use recommended plugin, some common and best twitter plugin for WordPress to display these comments.

TwitterLink Comments – Download Plugin:

Here you have to allow all users and commentators to include their own usernames along with their comments. So that the follow-me link or script can be displayed with details on the list.

Twitter Link Plugin

  • WP to Twitter – Download Plugin

    When you update or modify your WordPress blog, then auto posts a recommended twitter update. This should be done with any selected URL shortening service.WP to Twitter Plugin

  • Twitter Feed: Embedded Timeline WordPress Plugin – Download Plugin

    A very simple twitter feed that gives reliable output to your latest tweets in specific HTML into any existing post, page script, template or sidebar widget. It is totally customizable and easier to install quickly.

  • Tweet-able – Download Plugin

    Put together twitter with basic WordPress blog. Display all latest tweets into sidebar and automatically tweet new posts within followers on twitter etc. Also use OAuth for user’s authentication.Tweetable Plugin

  • Tweet Blender – Download Plugin

    It obviously provides many twitter widgets to show own tweets, tweet relevant posts, tags and tweets for twitter lists to show tweets for hasht.Tweet Blender Plugin


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