How to change the order of list products appear in a group Woocommerce

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to change the order for the list of products in grouped product. The trick is to use menu order in woocommerce.When I confront this issue at first I thought may be linking the simple products to group product in an order by which I want to display may help resolving this but I was wrong that didn’t help since list of product are being sorted on the basis of menu order which I haven’t set yet. Se, Lets start with the process.

To create a group product go to products section and add a new product you can name it anything you want. I’ve named it ‘Group Product’. Set the product type as group product here.


Now you need to create some simple products and link them with this grouped product.

Create some products, in a way that link them with the group you just created.


Now set the menu order for each product under advanced section and add the product.


By default the menu order for each product will be set to zero.

I’ve linked three products product1, product2 and product3 with this group product having menu order 1,2 and 3 respectively in the same way.

Here you can see that these products are marked as grouped products.


Tip: If you’ve enabled cache management on your site then try clearing your cache so that you can see the changes made.


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