How to automatically add product to cart on visit in WooCommerce?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to add a product automatically to cart when a user/customer navigates to cart.

Here is my cart and currently it is empty.

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woocommerceFind the product id of the product you want to automatically add to cart. Let’s say for this example I want to add product 1 automatically to cart when an user/customer moves to cart page.

To find the product id go to backend end and click on products. It will display a list of products.

woocommerceClick on product 1 to edit / see its id.

woocommerceNote the id of the product.

Now open the function.php file of your theme. You can access the function.php file here:

woocommerceAdd the following lines of code at the end of the file.

function add_product_to_cart() {

                if ( ! is_admin() ) {

                                global $woocommerce;

                                $product_id = 8;

                                $found = false;

                                //check if product already in cart

                                if ( sizeof( $woocommerce->cart->get_cart() ) > 0 ) {

                                                foreach ( $woocommerce->cart->get_cart() as $cart_item_key => $values ) {

                                                                $_product = $values['data'];

                                                                if ( $_product->id == $product_id )

                                                                                $found = true;


                                                // if product not found, add it

                                                if ( ! $found )

                                                                $woocommerce->cart->add_to_cart( $product_id );

                                } else {

                                                // if no products in cart, add it

                                                $woocommerce->cart->add_to_cart( $product_id );




add_action( 'init', 'add_product_to_cart' );

Now when the user/ sutomer will navigate to cart specified product will be added to cart.



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