Woocommerce: How to bulk merge categories into one category

Store owners often come to a point where they have too many categories in store and they either want to delete some of those or they want to merge similar categories into one generic category.

The problem here they face is in doing so they need to unassign and reassign all products or posts. So many times we feel the need of a tool which can enable us to bulk edit categories and merge multiple categories into one.

There is no need to worry about it , Term management tool is a plugin that will help you manage terms in bulk like categories, tags and custom taxonomies etc. This will enable you to merge terms, select parent of terms and change terms from one taxonomy to other.

You can download the plugin from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/term-management-tools/

Lets Install the Plugin and Move to the Next step about how to merge categories.

On the product categories screen under products, I have three categories. Category 1 has 2 products and category 3 has 3 products assigned to them. Now we are going to merge these two categories. Select both categories and select the merge option from the bulk option. Mentions the name to which you want to merge these categories and click on apply to make changes.


Now after merging these two categories you’ll see one new category containing products of both and the name will be the one you mentioned.

I’ve merged into one single category titled as category 1 so the total products assigned to them will be 5.

That is it.



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1 thought on “Woocommerce: How to bulk merge categories into one category”

  1. Richard Daniels

    Wish I found this sooner … just did a practice import and then deleted all existing categories.

    Going to use it for the final import – over 1000 products need to be reassigned 🙂


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