7 Responsive WordPress Menu Plugins


Making Menu responsive is an vital part of any website. Luckily there are many free responsive menu plugins available for WordPress. Read on to find out the best plugins.

1- Responsive Menu: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-menu/)

This plugin is regarded as being a wonderful customizable responsive plugin for WordPress. This plugin has been downloaded more than 60000 times and it has an impressive rating of 4.9. It contains 70 customizable choices. This includes options that are for a mobile menu as well as tablet menu.

You can alter many items with this plugin. For instance you can alter the title of the menu, the image of the menu title, the button title, etc. You can also form a mobile menu button that is three-lined with this plugin. If you do this then users will be able to have a slide out menu that can be navigated in an easy way.

This plugin is also totally responsive if you contain the vital viewpoint meta tag upon your site. You can employ it as an efficient responsive menu, tablet menu as well as a mobile menu. It can also be employed as a complete menu for your vital main website.

2– WP Responsive Menu: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-responsive-menu/)

Having this menu will allow you to have a WordPress menu which is a sliding responsive type of menu. This plugin will enable you to have an amazing and extremely customizable mobile menu plugin.

You will be able to simply alter a WordPress menu and make it better, more sophisticated looking as well as a sliding type menu. It can be employed for every mobile device. This plugin is able to simply connect with the vital WordPress menu system and it contains a facile admin interface.

You can also simply change the menu with a responsive menu upon a mobile device. Selecting any color which fits with your theme can also be done with this plugin. You will also have the choice to be able to open the menu from whichever side you want. Website logos can also be put easily through this plugin. It is because of all these features that this plugin has more than 30000 downloads and a rating of 4.6.

3- Max Mega Menu:  (https://wordpress.org/plugins/megamenu/)

You will be able to make widgetized mega menus employing the vital visual mega menu builder that is built in. This plugin has many features.

It has an awesome drop and drag Mega Menu builder. You will be able to show WordPress widgets within the menu. It has a theme editor that is built-in which contains more than a hundred customization choices.

Sub-menu styles are also supported by it, for instance Flyout plus Mega Menu styles. You can also add icons precisely to the menu items. This plugin has also been tested within all types of modern browsers. It also contains some Pro Features for instance sticky menu, custom icons, automatic updates, etc. This plugin has Italian, German as well as French translations. It has been downloaded more than 30,000 times and it has a 4.9 rating.

4- Responsive Select Menu: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-select-menu/)

This amazing plugin is able to automatically convert all WordPress 3 types of menus into a vital select box or even drop-down upon mobile devices. This plugin will take limited screen real estate upon mobile devices and it has a facile navigation precisely for vital touch screens.

It is also able to function automatically and is very configurable. You will be able to set the width breakpoint with this plugin. You can also choose the amounts of levels you want to have within the precise select menu. This plugin enables you to pick the character employed to indent the sub-menu items. It will be up to you to remove “dummy” items which have no links.

This plugin also has an impressive amount of 30,000 plus downloads and a rating of 4.3.

5- jQuery Responsive Select Menu: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-responsive-select-menu/)

With this plugin you will be able to alter your WordPress navigation menus to ones that are responsive, select or drop-down type of menus. This is when your screen will be below a precise width.

This menu is totally customizable, you can pick any width, menu text, etc. It is able to function for every menus, despite them being custom WordPress 3 ones or even automatically formed ones. It is lightweight, being below 3kb. The languages that this menu comes in is English, Spanish as well as German. It has more than 5000 downloads and an amazing rating of 5.

6- Mega Menu by WooRockets: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wr-megamenu/)

If you are looking for a strong, responsive and a user-oriented plugin that has an efficient menu builder then consider this awesome plugin. Having more than 4000 download and a rating of 4 this plugin will give you full control over the designing plus customization of the menu however you wish to do it. This amazing menu builder is user-friendly. This allows you to easily use it. It is totally responsive, being compatible for every screen size as well as mobile devices. It is able to make and save the menu setting that you have picked so that you can use them later for different profiles.

You are able to show your menu precisely with text plus icon and even both. You can have vertical as well as horizontal orientation with this plugin. It also contains amazing mega contents and it has many colors and google fonts that are embedded.

7- WP Jump Menu: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-jump-menu/)

This plugin is able to form a vital drop-down menu precisely within the specific admin area that allows you to simply go to a certain page or post. It is also very easy to use.

This plugin will give you the ability to add an efficient drop down menu that lets you choose simply what you want to do. It will also help you save time when it comes to editing many posts as well as pages. You will just need to locate what you require within the vital drop-down. It will then jump to allow you to edit the page or even post that you want. It is also customizable and has a page that contains a lot of options.

You can even pick the color, font, etc. that you want. It is perfect for individuals who are theme developers. It has more than 4000 downloads and a wonderful rating of 5.


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