Woocommerce Product details on Custom a page of WordPress

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to show a single product of Woocommerce with all the details as on single product page on a custom page of WordPress. We can achieve this with the help of a shortcode.

So first of all create a page where you want to show the product detail. I’ve created a page named welcome with some welcome text on it.

Here is the page I’ve created:


And following is the front end view of this page:


Now let’s say I want to display a product name product 2 on this page.

Here is the product I want to display:

Hover over the product and note its id. In my case it is 9.

Now, add the following shortcode on the newly created content page.

[product_page id=”9″]

Now, if you’ll go to the content page, you’ll see product details being displayed there as a product page.

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