Must Have Standards For Choosing A WordPress Theme

1- W3C/CSS3 compliance :

This ensures that the web pages are validated and passed the web standards such as HTML validation against W3C Markup Standards, WCAG and CSS validated.

2- Responsiveness:

Responsiveness allows web pages to be rendered and functioning properly on mobile devices and tablets like an application while ensuring that the features and content are intact.

3- Page Loading Speed:

Page speed is very important when it comes to page rankings by Google. Google takes into account page speed when considering page importance. Another importance is when attracting website visitors practically because users these days don’t spend much time on websites that are too slow to load. With so many distractions these days, you can’t afford your website visitors to leave your website because they’ve lost their patience waiting.

4- Must be current WordPress version compliant and tested for the major browsers:

Compliance or validation against web standards is very important specifically for WordPress versions mainly because WordPress frequently releases updates that’s why it’s necessary that a WordPress theme is compliant to avoid any problems or errors also the ability of a WordPress theme to render flawlessly on major browsers is a must because not everyone uses only IE, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

5- Multiple Page/post templates:

Multiple page or post templates provides flexibility for users to creatively create pages the way they want and how they want to present it. WordPress themes must offer greater flexibility when it comes to creating pages because these days, it’s more than just a blog but a CMS that can function was an e-commerce website, a news website or as a marketing site among others.

6- Easily Customizable Widgets:

Widgets are an intangible part of web development. This acts as fillers that provide extra features or functionality to the pages where it’s placed. It maximizes space and allows web developers to utilize certain areas of a page by adding features that are native to the WordPress theme or via third-party add-ons. Widgets have graduated from the usual sidebar areas to now more fluid areas like inside or in between post paragraphs, sideways, before and after posts, etc.

7- Offer variety of functionality with Short Codes:

WordPress themes that sell out fast nowadays are those that offer a variety of functionality via short codes. These short codes can create content tabs, text columns, text buttons, radio buttons, expanding texts, galleries and many others without the aid of complicated graphic software or spending hundreds of dollars on developers to make them for you. The best themes are those that prevents you from spending money but offers you more.

8- Configurable color options:

Colors provide personality to web pages and make it stand-out when used properly. Configurable color options allow users to flexibly change colors of background, texts or certain areas of the page without touching a single line of code. Users these days prefer to change the colors of their web pages whenever they want without having the need to learn CSS or HTML.

9- Good documentation and support from the developer:

(All too many developers try to cash in quickly and then abandon their themes, both premium and the freebies. Look for active support to see if the developer looks ‘interested’ enough to keep working on it,)

You wouldn’t want to get stuck into buying a theme that never or seldom gets an update or support from its developer. A helpful theme documentation lightens the load for the user, makes working with the theme very easy and smooth. A reliable and responsive support system however provides a user some sense of security that someone will be of help when they get stuck into some problems that need an expert’s advice.

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