How to build a Portfolio page with Canvas theme?

Here is the Step by Step Tutorial To Add Portfolio Page With Canvas Theme. Its pretty Easy .

Step 1 : You need To Install the Canvas Theme on your WordPress blog.

Step 2: After Installing the Theme; Go-to “Canvas” > Theme Option > Portfolio.


Step 3: Now click on Main Navigation “Portfolio” and select “Portfolio Galleries”


Here, You will Need to Add Different Categories Relating to your Website.

Step 4 : After adding Categories Now Click to “Add New” and add a Portfolio Item.


Now add portfolio item and choose desire “Category”; You can choose more then one category from list on the Right side.

On This Page, There are some Very Useful Features Like You can Add Image as well as Video.

If You Want to Add the Video; Just Copy the Code from your Youtube or anyother Video Sharing Site and Add it on the Video Column Like in below Image.


For Images, Just Need to Upload the Image from your Computer in There.

Step 5: After adding portfolio items, now you will create a page for displaying portfolio, so go-to WordPress default Pages section and add a new page for portfolio.


Note: when you are creating a new page you must select Page template from “Page Attributes” section and select Portfolio.

Step 6: Your Portfolio Page is Ready to Go and It Looks Amazing. Right.

Let me Know, If you have any Questions.

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