Automatically add Product to Cart WooCommerce

Do you want to suggest your featured products to your customers with a strong chance of them buying it? A plugin called automatically add to the cart can make it very easy for you do so.

As the name suggests, this plugin will automatically add the products to the cart when the customer visits the product’s page. This can make the customer actually buy the item instead of just visiting the pages.

This plugin gives you an option to set the number of products to be added to the cart it also allows you to enable/disable checking options meaning that the plugin will check if the product is already in the cart or not.

If it is, then it will check how many of the products are in the cart. And if the product is not in the cart or number in the cart is lower than the set number, the plugin will add the corresponding number of the product to the cart.

Follow the steps below to avail this plugin,

Firstly, you need to download the plugin from the link attached below.

After downloading, you need to upload the plugin file to the Add plugins section:

Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin

Browse and upload the file. After the file has been uploaded, simply click Install Now. Then
activate it.
Secondly, go to Dashboard > Products > All Products and select the product you want and then
click Automatically add to cart after the visit and just check/uncheck the options and put in the
value of the quantity of the products to be added in the cart as shown below,
Lastly, click Update on the right side of the page. That’s all there is to it.

Before adding the plugin



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